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Do you need a Master of Ceremonies?

If you are planning your wedding then it’s highly likely you have your venue, dress, flowers, rings, entertainment and food arranged.

But have you considered who is going to ensure the smooth running of your big day?

You need someone very confident, organised, funny and a natural entertainer. Perhaps you know the perfect friend with the right skills but you should always consider hiring a professional Master of ceremonies. Especially as if they are a magician Master of ceremonies!

What are the duties of a master of ceremonies?

Imagine trying to herd wasps into a miniature wasp pen. And impossible task right?

That is what it can be like at a wedding and reception. Your guests will be a diverse mixture of friends, family, colleagues and new in-laws. It can be a highly emotional day, the bride and groom will be on a high and the day will fly by. There is a lot of activity going on and things could become chaotic and stressful.

Your Master of ceremonies will ensure the smooth running of your wedding whilst keeping the event on time and make sure everyone are where they should be when they’re needed. They will keep the celebrations moving along in the right direction whilst keeping a cool head.

What if you hired a magician as your Master of ceremonies?

Imagine having a highly skilled entertainer with the confidence and ability to organise your family and friends; all the while creating moments of mind-blowing magic and mentalism.

This is exactly what Forster The Mindreader will bring to your wedding day. I will make sure that everything the bride and groom want, happens and takes place and I’ll do it with flair and magic! I trained and worked as a professional actor and as such, I’m a confident, quick-witted and charismatic presenter. I’m quick on my feet and will have a lot of fun and laughter with your guests.

My skills as a performer come to the fore when I’m in my role as a wedding master of ceremonies. Combine these skills with my being an amazing mindreader and magician and you have a unique host that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

What will the Master of ceremonies do?

As your designated host, I will act as a clear voice of authority. Never shouting, always calm and collected, fun and friendly. I will be your wingman, with a microphone to hand and a trick up my sleeve; I’ll organise and entertain in equal measure.

I’ll guide your guests to where they need to be and will inform the wedding party of what is happening and when. How will I know all of this? No, it’s not because I’m an incredible mindreader, although I am. It’s because I will plan all of this with you.

When you book me as your Master of ceremonies I will work closely with the couple in order to plan the smooth running of your wedding day. Not only that but you have the added benefit of having a professional entertainer on hand throughout your day.

During the reception is often when the photographs are being taken. I will request that your guests are present at the correct time. When I’m not needed, I will mix and mingle with those guests waiting around. During this time I will perform some mind-bending mentalism and magic, thus ensuring that everyone is engaged and having fun all day.

I’ll then announce the start of the wedding breakfast, or a receiving line, whatever your plan; I will make it happen. I will then introduce the newlyweds and lead a huge round of applause. After the meal, I will make any announcements needed such as introducing the speechmakers, announcing the tossing of the bouquet cake cutting etc.

I find that every reception is unique and you will have your own set of requests and unique ideas as to the order of events and that is something we can work out together.

The best Master of ceremonies

When you hire Forster The Mindreader as your master of ceremonies, you get a magical host who will ensure that throughout the celebrations, toasts, magic, food and dancing, your wedding moves along with ease.

Your guests have come to celebrate your wedding and enjoy themselves. They don’t want to linger around wondering what’s going on and when. Which is why you need me.

When I take on the role of MC for you, I represent you and your wedding day and I’ll make sure you’re seen in the best light. I’ll be a gracious host, I’ll never take the focus of you and I’ll always act on your behalf.

So If you want a stress free, unforgettable and magical wedding then get in touch for a no-obligation free video call or in-person meeting.

During this short session we can discuss the different packages I offer and I’ll even throw in a free performance so you can see exactly what I do.

When you select your wedding MC, you want to know you’re choosing the right person. Meet me and make an informed decision based on my style and personality.

Get in touch today and let's discuss your wedding.


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